Sep 28, 2011

Group discussion topics

Group discussion topics:

Though IELTS exams do not have Group discussion as a module, practising this will help you speak better even on sensitive issues. 

In general many are confused with the differences between group discussion and debate.In Group discussion you do not argue, but only say your point when the speaker has finished. Only one member of the group is allowed to speak. Controlled language and words coupled with etiquette is mandatory.  Each topic can be discussed only for 10 - 20 minutes. There should be a group leader who takes care of the teams manners and rules in the session. Everybody in the group should be given a chance to speak. Topics are a bit sensitive and sensational, however the participant is expected not to lose control when ego hurts. Handle gentle man's way of discussion. The member who speaks or indulges hard with any member is disqualified in group discussion. 

These topics are meant only to develop a better communication skills. Handle with care. Schools or colleges practising group discussion should have a trainer or teaching staff to monitor the behaviour of the candidate while participating in this session. 

  1. A baby boy is income and a baby girl is expenditure
  2. Advertising is all glitter and no truth
  3. Alien life forms exist on other planet
  4. All nationalized banks in India should be privatized
  5. All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy
  6. Arrange Marriages are the reasons for divorce
  7. Beauty pageants are a waste of time and should be banned
  8. BPO'S in India are welcoming too much of western influence
  9. Brain drain should not be encouraged
  10. Bullet for Bullet is the Right Policy
  11. Capital punishment should be banned
  12. Children grow up too quickly nowadays
  13. Children should take both parents' surnames.
  14. Cloning of human beings should be allowed
  15. Co-education is always right
  16. Companies should not hire a person without work experience
  17. Consumerism is destroying the social fabric of Indian culture
  18. Corruption is a necessary evil for success in any sphere
  19. Cricket should be banned
  20. Developing countries should spend more on development than on defense
  21. Developing rural areas is not the responsibility of the government
  22. Dreams mean something
  23. Education in India is improving
  24. Effect of cinema on Youth is dangerous
  25. Environment Management is the responsibility of richer nations
  26. Ethics and business do not coexist
  27. Euthanasia should be legalized
  28. Everybody in the world suffers from stress and tension
  29. Excessive Depiction Of Sex and Violence In Films should be banned
  30. Extramarital affair is a part of civilization
  31. Female foeticide should be encouraged
  32. Film awards are a farce and should be stopped
  33. Foreign trade is necessary for any country to survive
  34. Freedom of expression is nonsense
  35. Girls are good academician
  36. Hard working is better than smart working
  37. Higher education should be made free
  38. Homework for students is a menace
  39. India is the land of opportunities
  40. India not Safe for Indians
  41. Indian cities are not ready for any disaster
  42. It does not matter how we treat babies
  43. It is necessary to ban soft drinks
  44. Joint family is a blessing in disguise
  45. Life is an electric chain
  46. Love cannot be confined to Valentine’s Day
  47. Love is poisonous
  48. Magic really exist?
  49.  Making a stand against corruption is a waste of time.
  50.  Marriages between people of the same sex is justifiable
  51. Mobile phones should be banned in educational institutions.
  52. Money is required to earn more money
  53. No Night shifts 4 Women after 8 pm.
  54. Nobody can be happy by trying to find happiness.
  55. One can make a society different
  56. One can not balance between work and family
  57. Parents don’t understand children
  58. Parties are a waste of time and money
  59. Physical education must be excluded in schools
  60. Piracy is a part of any business
  61. Pocket money should not be given for the youth
  62. premarital sex is individual right
  63. Punch lines are important for advertisements
  64. Rats should be used in laboratory experiments
  65. Reservation in education centres is important
  66. Reservation in trains should be banned
  67. Science is a boon not bane
  68. Sex education should be made compulsory
  69. Smoking should be banned completely
  70. Success in life comes from prayer
  71. Terrorist attacks can not be prevented
  72. The Aged and the Youth should have equal job opportunity
  73. The media should be influential
  74. The weaker sex is the weakness of the stronger sex
  75. There should be job reservation in the private sector
  76. Toilet is as important as kitchen
  77. Tuitions for school children should be Banned
  78. Unions do more harm to the economy than good
  79. Violence shown in movies is affecting the young mind
  80. Voting rights to illiterates should be cancelled
  81. Water resources should be nationalized
  82. We must have only two national parties to contest elections
  83. We should have the right to question our politicians
  84. Women empowerment is a myth
  85. Women’s place is at home
  86. Young criminals (under 18) should be sent to prison

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