Sep 28, 2011

What is IELTS?

IELTS is an English Proficiency Test which certifies the test taker in four aspects such as LISTENING, READING, WRITING and SPEAKING. On the whole, the ability to comprehend, communicate, justify, argue and present the ideology is put to test. Guided practice and systematic understanding of all modules enables one to get the right score in the test. 

Candidates who get less than 6 bands are generally understood to be new learners of the language. Getting above 6 bands in IELTS demands patience and persistence to learn the language to king size.

One can appear for the exam any number of times irrespective of the domination of the previous scores achieved. Therefore, a failure in acquiring the demanded score does not mean anything. 

Expert advice is mandatory, as the cost of examination is a common man's take home per month. 

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